The ideas that find us

Notebook entry from 31st May 2019 – Night walk through Vienna’s 18th District

We sit in the midst of a sea of ideas. They are floating between us. Above us. Beneath us, and through us. 

The many different sources of inspiration available to us at any given moment, are unfathomable. The sheer amount of brilliant ideas and possibilities that offer themselves to us is endless. But there’s a catch… our imaginations are limited to but a few big ideas at any given time, usually only one or two; and if we hold onto ideas for too long they can become trapped. Filling up the space in our thoughts and blocking new sources of inspiration from reaching us. They consume us, take over, and become that “thing” somebody stole, somebody blocked, somebody ruined.

We are the vessels of ideas… the instruments they use in order to transform from thought into existence. Our job is not to come up with or create them, our task is different.

When inspiration takes hold of us, true inspiration… it grows. It consumes our thoughts, fills our minds, and ignites our imaginations until an idea is formed. 

Forged, complete, ready. 

A work of art, a business plan, a journey to a foreign land. All ideas start in a moment of inspiration. 

This piece of writing began as a thought, then flowed through my hand, through the pen, and onto a page in my notebook. The thought found me, and found it’s existence. Whether it’s a good thought or not, is not the point. The point is: only by writing it down do I free up space for the next. It’s a process, a system, it is cyclical in nature.

Our raison d’être is to allow space for ideas to come to us, to allow time for them to grow, and to either take action… or to let them go. The moment an idea makes sense to us, is the moment we should make our choice.

Share your ideas, have courage, and trust that inspiration came to you for a purpose.


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