2 Comments on “Tell me

  1. Hi, Happy to hear your writing songs. Write a happy song. Tell the world
    How happy you are. We have all loved and sometimes lost that love.
    Only to find he or she was not the one. Love is like a song to be embraced
    To be cherished.
    Happy writing


    • Hi Brenda,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. You have not used this word, but I infer from what you have written, that for you, “Tell me” is a “sad” song? Perhaps your right…

      Personally, I think that “happy” and “sad” are relative terms, that mean different things to different people. That being said, I am of course sorry if listening to my song reminded you of a past pain, that you would rather not be reminded of.

      For a long time, I turned my back on my songwriting. There have been a few people along the way who have critiqued my music, much in the same way you have (which is not meant as a critique of your critique), and when I was younger, this was enough to make me doubt myself. It made me second guess every chord pattern, every line of text.

      You see, what I think you are referring to as sad, I understand as beauty. I do not mean to say that my own song is beautiful, as this is not up to me to decide, but I see great beauty in “sadness”. It is a part of us, we all experience it, and we all have our ways of coping or dealing with it.

      I guess my music (some of it that is) is my way of coming to terms with that side of myself. A method I can use to express those sides of my character that some people would maybe rather I kept to myself.

      Striving for positivity and happiness is indeed a worthwhile endeavour… but neglecting pain and sorrow can be devastating.

      I understand now with absolute clarity, that everything one does or says, is a reflection of themselves, and I can choose how I react.

      I believe with absolute certainty, that honest expression is the most beautiful thing in the world; even though it can sometimes be scary, painful… terrifying.

      We all have different tastes in music. It’s what gives us such a rich body of styles and genres.

      When I pick up the guitar to write a song, I usually have no idea where the song is going to take me. Sometimes the inspiration flows out of me in a single afternoon, and sometimes a song takes a couple of years. Some songs I keep to myself, others I share… and while I am certain that your intentions were pure and honest, I must say that I have never been too good at doing what I’m told 🙂

      These initial recordings I have posted on my website, are a way for me to get the ball rolling with my music again. “Tell me” is the first of these new songs which I have taken into the recording studio, and I am very excited about the way it is going. It was never meant to be a one guitar song, but as the guitar is the only instrument I play to a decent enough level, that’s where my music usually starts. The studio version, which should be ready in a few weeks, sounds very different, and I do hope that you will have a listen to it once it gets posted.

      Your comment got me thinking, and for that I thank you… I am truly grateful.

      You have helped me to reflect on what is important to me when it comes to the music I write… to be true to myself.

      I hope that you can understand this an an honest answer, to your honest remark, and I hope that you will continue to listen, and share your thoughts. I enjoy a whole lot of different styles of music, some of which, I hope, will produce those feelings of happiness that you have requested.

      Gratefully yours,


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