The secret to a good story.

3rd June 2019 – Notebook entry – Sitting on a bench at night, in Vienna’s 18th district.

I think the secret to a great story, is to model it on something well known, and not tell anyone! 

To produce something fresh, exciting, and new… is something we are all striving for. We are caught in a perpetual search for novelty, yet it’s familiarity that connects us. 

There are only a handful of stories which make up the human narrative, and like it or not, these familiar scenarios are what we seek. We crave familiarity. We need it. It gives us a sense of belonging. A modicum of purpose in a world where we often feel lost and out of place.

Stories offer us a glimpse of ourselves. A window into our very being and existence.

Rather than come up with something new, our task is to pass on something old in a new way. From a point of view not yet seen, or not seen for a while.

It is through the many different ways we view stories that brings freshness to them. The age old stories that have stood the test of time have been passed down through the ages for a reason. They have been told and retold, because there is something inherently truthful in them. Something visceral.

Pyramus and Thisbe, became Romeo and Juliet, Became West Side Story… and that’s okay!

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