I don’t like to make a fuss.

Social media has exploded over the past week with new content, live feeds, and more people than ever taking to the online stage. The Coronavirus, as devastating as it is, has also created an opportunity it seems for creativity to flourish. Shut away from each other, and being unable to meet face to face, coupled with the extra free time at home, has created a wonderful platform for expression.

Taking some time myself to reflect on the situation at large, and how it affects my life in the present moment, I am inspired by everyone out there to join in.

Before we understood the seriousness of the Corona crisis, I, like others, did not treat the situation with the due respect it deserved. I don’t think any of us did at the start. Now, as the world goes into lockdown for a time, the severity of the situation and our part in it becomes clearer.

The idea for this monologue came as a result of trying to understand at what point in a person’s thinking do they make the switch from passive to active. What does it take, for some people to understand that we all have a part to play?

This monologue is not intended to reproach anyone for their thinking. It is not a condemnation of anyones beliefs or opinions. It is not autobiographical. It is a story of a man who is confused and concerned at a time when others are feeling the same.

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