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What to do?

November 14th 2019 – Notebook entry – Sitting on a bench outside the flat, after having been for a walk. I wonder if it’s possible to truly relax? I find myself tense. I feel tension in my neck, and my shoulders. I even feel that my face is tense. I don’t think this is because of the cold. And so I actively relax the … Read More What to do?


The secret to a good story.

3rd June 2019 – Notebook entry – Sitting on a bench at night, in Vienna’s 18th district. I think the secret to a great story, is to model it on something well known, and not tell anyone!  To produce something fresh, exciting, and new… is something we are all striving for. We are caught in a perpetual search for novelty, yet it’s familiarity that … Read More The secret to a good story.

The ideas that find us

Notebook entry from 31st May 2019 – Night walk through Vienna’s 18th District We sit in the midst of a sea of ideas. They are floating between us. Above us. Beneath us, and through us.  The many different sources of inspiration available to us at any given moment, are unfathomable. The sheer amount of brilliant ideas and possibilities that offer themselves to us is … Read More The ideas that find us