Private Acting Lessons

The art of acting, like any other skill or profession is an ongoing process which requires constant development and self reflection. There are as many methods of developing and preparing for a role as there are actors. Each actor has their own working process, and my job as a teacher is to find out what works for the individual actor, and offer guidance, and help the actor towards the character already within them; the actor has already made the choice, my job is to help them understand that choice.

More often than not, the actor finds themselves in a situation where they are being told what to do and how to to it. My style of teaching is based on my experiences as both an actor, and director. Something I have observed in my time as a professional actor, is the difficulty we have in accepting the ideas of others, and letting go of our own preconceptions. As actors we are faced with directors who refuse to be wrong, and as directors we are met with actors who have worked on their characters so much, that they refuse to take direction. I myself, at some point or another, have fallen into both categories. In my private acting lessons, I focus on the actor; the individual. The structure of the lessons are discussed prior to agreeing on tuition, in order to taylor the lessons to the actor receiving them.

I offer the actor the option to come alone, come with a partner, or partners. I can choose the material, or the actor can choose material that interests them. Times and locations are also flexible. For more information, or to discuss possible tuition options, please send me a message using the comments box below.

10 pack = €300,-

(10 x 90 minute lessons)

Introduction to Acting and Performance: ages 8-12

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During this hour, children are introduced to acting games, exercises, storytelling, character building, and performance. The aim of this after school activity is to encourage children to explore their creativity through the medium of acting, and to build their confidence in a safe environment. Each child receives individual instruction based on their strengths and personality type. Our goal during this time is to have fun, and develop confidence.


Roleplay, Performance and Expression: ages 13-15

Photo by Hannah Neuhuber 9This course is taylor made to help young people find their creative voice, at a period of change in their lives. Acting is a very useful tool for young people as a way of understanding themselves and the world around them. Using a mixture of forum theatre and improvisation as well as script writing, the aim of this course is to offer creative freedom and expression to its students by offering them a safe environment to work in.


Introduction to Professional Acting Techniques: ages 16-21


This course is specifically designed for teenagers and young adults who intend to pursue acting as a profession into adulthood. The techniques of acting, as well as character building and truthfulness on stage, require dedication from the actor, and careful instruction. Drama School is a wonderful place, where an actors talents can be nurtured… for those wishing to progress onto drama school, this course will give them a head start on that path. During the 10 week program, we will look at character building, script analysis, motivation and objectives, and monologue studies. The culmination of this course will include a showcase of scenes and/or monologues for a select audience of family members, friends and invited guests.