Alan Burgon

Hi, and welcome to my site!

I graduated with a BA Acting degree from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2008. I worked as an actor with the Dundee Rep Theatre and the National Theatre of Scotland, before moving to Vienna, Austria in 2010. I co-founded Vienna’s Open House Theatre, where I held the positions of Artistic Director and Creative Director, before moving on from the company in 2019 to focus more on my increasing freelance work. 

Acting is my main profession, and I work mainly on independent film projects and fiction podcasts. In both of these areas I also work as a writer, and sometimes director. I have also appeared in some bigger government and studio funded film projects, as well as a bit of German television. I do quite a bit of voiceover work too, and own a good voice recording set-up.

I work with lots of various groups and companies, who also quite frequently invite me back to work with them on new projects.

Acting is my main focus, however I am also asked to collaborate on quite a number of screenplays. Usually this begins with a simple request to check the English, but more often than not, I am asked to collaborate more in-depth.

I really love working in a group, with new people, and on new and exciting projects and stories.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like to discuss a potential collaboration!

Best regards,