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Contamin is an Independent series which we have been shooting in Ukraine since 2020. It is a dramatic thriller set a few years in the future, at the dawn of a new pandemic. My Character (Noah) is tasked with finding a vaccination before it’s too late. I am also one of the writers.

For obvious reasons, shooting has been put on hold, but financing and planning is still underway.

Avalon International Film & Medien GmbH

Director: Harald Franklin

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Each episode: 40 mins

Language: English

Out of Limbo

Out of Limbo is a fantastical and imaginative feature length film that delves into the mind of its main protagonist Enrico, a world class film director who relives his past trauma and is confronted by all of the characters he created in his mind, but never wrote into one of his films.

We filmed the teaser trailer for this film at CinecittĂ  World, in Rome. The project is currently in the financing phase.

I play Teddy Boy, a motorcycle riding, James Dean/Marlon Brando inspired character.

I also collaborated on the script and directed the behind the scenes video while on location in Rome.


Director: Aurelio Agliata

Genre: Fantastic Melodrama

Duration: 120 Mins

Language: English

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